Class of 2024 – High School Acceptances

Dear Turning Point Community,

I am so pleased to share with you the high schools where this year’s Grade 8 students were accepted and will be attending in the fall!

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High School Acceptances | Class of 2024

The Archer School for Girls | Bishop Montgomery High School* | Brentwood School* | The Buckley School | Campbell Hall | Chadwick School* | Crossroads School* | de Toledo High School* | Junipero Serra High School | Harvard-Westlake School* | Marlborough School | Milken Community School* | New Roads School* | Notre Dame Academy | Pacifica Christian High School* | St. Mary’s Academy | Vistamar School | The Webb Schools* | Wildwood School* | Windward School*

*denotes where students are attending in the fall of 2025

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Every year, we see our Turning Point soon-to-be graduates embraced by secondary schools as highly desirable, well-educated candidates; our students know themselves, how they learn, and what they are looking for in a high school program.

Graduates of Turning Point School positively impact the high schools they attend and make this important transition with confidence and an assured sense of self. This is a culmination of adolescent growth and the intentional nurturing that Turning Point provides throughout the middle school years.

Assistant Head of School and Middle School Division Head Gaby Akana and I serve as the high school counseling team. We deeply understand and advocate for every student as a unique individual with specific aspirations, dreams, and skill sets. In the counseling process, we focus on fit—which can be based on learning style, pedagogical approach, geography, finances, co-curricular offerings, and other considerations.

The high school counseling process is highly individualized for each family, with several meetings and touchpoints along the way.

It begins in the spring of Grade 7, with a parent meeting to discuss the counseling and outplacement process. Teachers and administrators help students prepare for their high school interview, support them in honing their personal essays, and ensure they are ready for math assessments. We also counsel parents and guardians on ways to put their best feet forward as they interact with a range of schools.

High schools truly see and value our graduates’ intellect, confidence, advocacy, compassion, leadership, critical thinking skills, and citizenship. Of course, we foster these qualities throughout students’ time at Turning Point, but they truly merge and synthesize into maturity when students reach their eighth-grade year.

We are honored to amplify student strengths and voices throughout this incredibly important process, and we look forward to watching the Class of 2024 as they continue their journeys through high school and beyond!


Dr. Laura Konigsberg
Head of School

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