The foundation for your child’s unique positive equation starts in our Early Childhood Division. In our nurturing, stimulating environment, students discover the elements that will define their growth through their years at Turning Point.

They learn by engaging in free play, by making guided choices, and by valuing themselves and each other. Our Preschool and Pre-K classrooms are carefully constructed to inspire self-directed learning, to develop confidence, and to cultivate independence in our youngest students.

Our Preschool classrooms consist of children from 2 years, 9 months through three years, while our Pre-K program is for children ages four-, five-, and sometimes six-years-old (depending on Kindergarten entry plans).

All our teachers in our Early Childhood Division are experienced and expert observers, trained to determine each student’s stage of development, evaluate which tasks have been mastered, and determine which challenges should come next. The curriculum grows with the student over the course of their time in the Early Childhood Division and advances naturally as students continue from Preschool into Pre-K.

The educational theories and practices of Maria Montessori—a philosophy that embraces the understanding of how children learn—lay the foundation of our Early Childhood Division. Work periods encourage independence and choice while maintaining a thoughtfully designed structure supported by experienced and specifically trained teachers. Students are stimulated and challenged yet given the latitude to learn at their own pace. They are taught all aspects of the subject matter, with plenty of time for repetition and opportunities to experience the natural joy of learning.

In addition to time spent in their main classroom, Early Childhood Division students also travel to other areas of campus to attend Specialist classes such as Spanish, music, physical education, and library. In addition, students enjoy plenty of unstructured playtime in a supervised setting on our playground.

Students practice social skills daily by sharing, communicating, and collaborating with others. A favorite activity for both our youngest and oldest students is the “Big Buddies” program, where Preschool and Pre-K students engage in authentic, inspiring activities with their Grade 8 buddies.

Personal responsibility is also important. From pushing in one’s own chair, to using one’s words to resolve conflicts, students at a young age are learning self-advocacy and developing confidence. Work periods are balanced with humor and creativity.

Truly knowing a child means understanding how they think about the world and how they communicate those thoughts. Turning Point School’s commitment is to the whole child’s intellectual, social, physical, ethical, and emotional well-being. We create a nurturing, stimulating, challenging, and supportive setting to meet the needs of young children beginning to explore their world. Careful guidance and direction are provided to inspire happiness, confidence, and independence while developing life skills.

Each day is unique at Turning Point School. Embedded in the daily schedule are myriad opportunities for students to practice and develop the elements that constitute their “positive equation.”


Students may be dropped off between 7:45–8:25 am. They are greeted by classroom teachers and friends and enjoy supervised play until classes begin.

Morning Group

Morning Group provides an opportunity for our friends to welcome each other, review the day’s schedule and “helper” duties, and set their intentions for the day.


Music provides a wonderful conduit for creative self-expression. Turning Point utilizes the Orff Schulwerk method, a music and movement program that features singing, chanting, clapping, dancing, and keeping a beat, and the Kodaly method which focuses on developing rhythmic coordination and a sense of harmony. Students proudly demonstrate their musical talents and enthusiasm during our Winter Concert.


Preschool and Pre-K students explore the Spanish language and culture with a dedicated Spanish teacher. Song and rhythm, active play, art, and stories stimulate curiosity and introduce beginning concepts of world language studies.

Physical Education

Young children are experts in play. Turning Point’s commitment to every child’s physical well-being starts in our Early Childhood Division, where our Physical Education specialists help students develop agility and coordination, practice teamwork and fair play, and learn new games and skills.


Our Luis de Torres Library is a magical place for young children. Our Preschool and Pre-K students delight in their weekly visit to the library, where they hear stories, browse the stacks, and select a special book to borrow.

Work Period

Daily “work” time provides the foundation for our Early Childhood Division. The Montessori method honors the fact that children are naturally eager for knowledge and capable of initiating learning in a supportive, thoughtfully prepared learning environment.

During work time, students enjoy a balance of direction and free choice as they engage in activities including puzzles, artwork, math, imaginary play, building blocks, and more.


Students engage in supervised, unstructured outdoor play with friends on the Turning Point playground, designed for fun and safe play activity. Multiple classes often interact, allowing students to practice socialization with new peers.

Lunch/Story Group

Students bring their own lunch each day and are encouraged to follow Turning Point’s guidelines for sustainability. Teachers read to students daily from a wonderful assortment of children’s literature and theme-oriented stories.

Share Day Group

Students have the option to bring in something special from home to share with friends.

Nap Time/Work Time

For our youngest students, an hour of rest time is provided. A shorter rest and afternoon work time is available for older students.

Optional After School Care and After School Classes

Preschool and Pre-K students may enroll in select After School Experience Classes. All students may participate in supervised After School Care until 6:00 pm.

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