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Akana, Gabriella
Assistant Head of School/Middle School Division Head

Anderson, Amari

Anderson, Joe
Head Teacher - Grade 3

Ariza, Vivian
Science Teacher (6 & 8) | Department Chair | Grade 6 Advisor

Aycud, Lilly
Music Specialist (3-8)

Baker, Courtney
Director of Strategic Operations and Communications

Bender, Diana
Latin Teacher | Middle School Dean | Advisory Coordinator | Grade 5 Advisor

Bennett, Tawania
Auxiliary Teacher/Teaching Assistant

Bersanetti, Gianluca
Music Specialist (Early Childhood - Grade 2)

Bindel, Erika
Co-Teacher and Science Specialist - Grade 1

Braunstein, Marc
Spanish Teacher (5-8) | Grade 5 Advisor

Brown-Jackson, Jairus
Registrar/Assistant to Assistant Head of School/Middle School Division Head

Buonocore, Rodolfo
Art Specialist (Grades K-3)

Campbell, Chynna
Head Teacher - Grade 3

Capone, Jonathan
Innovation Lab Facilitator

Carter, James
Head Teacher - Grade 2

Castro, Judith
Spanish Specialist (Grades 1-4)

Coates, Casey
Head Teacher - Kindergarten

Coreas, Joseemar
Co-Teacher - Grade 2

Cox, Sharon
Early Childhood Division Head

Cressey, Paul
IT Manager

Dhar, Priyanka
Head Teacher - ECD

Finch, Julia
Co-Teacher - Grade 4

Floyd, Christopher
Front Desk Temp

Friedman, Ilise
Director of Advancement

Gallagher, Whitney
Grade 6 Humanities and Grade 6 Advisor

Garza, Denise
Head Teacher - ECD

Gonzalez, Raul
Director of DEI

Habib, Tram
Head Teacher - Grade 4

Hassan, Evan
Assistant Director of Admission and Enrollment Management

Herling, Katie
Grade 2 Co-Teacher

Ingram, Kevin
Physical Education Teacher and Coach

Jacks, Nicki
Auxiliary Teacher

Jones, Mackenzie
Kindergarten Co-Teacher

Kaminsky, Heidi
Human Resources Manager

Kelly, Gina
After School & Summer Programs Coordinator

Kern, Nicole
Head Teacher - Kindergarten

Kilgore, Danyel
Lead Teacher

Kline, Matt
Science Teacher (7) | Middle School Dean | Grade 8 Advisor | CSL Coordinator (5-8)

Konigsberg, Laura
Head of School

Lesser, Joshua
Theater Specialist

Loera, Simon
Facilities Staff

Mahlanza, Mosa
Head Teacher - Grade 2

Malonzo, Rachele
Head Teacher - Grade 1

Marchbanks, Leila
Humanities Teacher (5) | Grade 5 Advisor

McArdle, Ashley
Head Teacher - Grade 4

Medellin, Monique
Head Teacher - Pre-K

Miller, Erin
Science Specialist, Grades 2-5

Montesano, Paige
Humanities Teacher (8) | Department Chair | Grade 8 Advisor

Ocegueda, Alondra
Elementary Assistant Teacher

Olvera, Mariah
Preschool Teaching Assistant

Parker, Nadine
Head Teacher - Grade 1

Philpott, Amy
Librarian and Research Specialist

Pritchet, Karen
Math Teacher (7-8) | Department Chair | Grade 8 Advisor

Purtell, Kathleen

Rodriguez, Diana
Spanish Specialist and After Care Teacher (ECD)

Samuelson, Anders
Level 7 Humanities

Segar, Will
Elementary Division Head

Shamimi, Nikoo
Co-Teacher and Science Specialist - Kindergarten

Shepardson, Sarah
Assistant Director of Advancement

Sibley, Katie
Student Learning Support Coordinator

Snyder, Jacob
Director of Athletics and Safety

Spies, Kameron
Director of Teaching and Learning

Stanley, Alisa
Admissions Associate

Teacher, Substitute

Thompson, Skai
Physical Education Teacher & Coach

Tiefenthaler, Marina
Teaching Assistant - Early Childhood Division

Uehara, Hiro
Facilities Coordinator

Vasquez, Jenny
Sr. Associate Director of Admission and Enrollment Management

Victorio, Gabriela
Teaching Assistant - Early Childhood Division

Wagner, Jami
Math Teacher (5-6) | Grade 5 Advisor

Walker, Brittany
Educational Technology and Innovation Specialist

Wallis, Peter
Art Specialist

Webber, Mollie
Administrative Assistant to the Elementary School Division Head

Wirth, Katie
ECD Head Teacher

Wydrinski, Jesse
Grade 3 Co-Teacher

Yzaguirre, Julia
Chief Financial Officer

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