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Akana, Gabriella
Assistant Head of School/Middle School Division Head

Ariza, Vivian
Middle School Teacher and Science Department Chair

Aycud, Lilly
Music Specialist (Grades 3-8)

Baker, Courtney
Director of Strategic Operations and Communications

Bant, Hilary
Primary Teaching Assistant

Bender, Diana
Middle School Latin Teacher, Grade Level Dean and Advisory Coordinator

Bersanetti, Gianluca
Music Specialist (P-2)

Bindel, Erika
Elementary Co-Teacher and Science Specialist - Grade 1

Branch, Kandace
Elementary Co-Teacher - Grade 2

Braunstein, Marc
Spanish Specialist - Grades 5-8, Grade 6 Advisor

Brown-Jackson, Jairus
Registrar | Assistant to Middle School Division Head

Buonocore, Rodolfo
Elementary Art Specialist (K-3)

Burd, Sean
Auxiliary Program Teacher

Caldwell, Juanita
P.E. Specialist

Carter, James
Elementary Head Teacher - Grade 2

Castro, Judith
Elementary Spanish Specialist (Grades 1-4)

Coates, Casey
Elementary Head Teacher - Kindergarten

Cox, Sharon
Primary Division Head

Cressey, Paul
IT Manager

Davis, Christian
Director of Admission and Enrollment Management

Fay, Megan
Elementary Co-Teacher - Grade 5

Finch, Julia
Elementary Co-Teacher - Grade 4

Fiumara, Jean
Primary Teaching Assistant

Friedman, Ilise
Director of Advancement

Gayler, Kim
Auxiliary Teacher

Gil, Megan
Primary Head Teacher

Habib, Tram
Elementary Head Teacher - Grade 4

Kaminsky, Heidi
Human Resources Manager

Kelly, Gina
Auxiliary Program Teacher

Kern, Nicole
Elementary Co-Teacher - Grade 1

Kilgore, Danyel
Primary Head Teacher

Kline, Matt
Middle School Science Teacher and Grade 8 Dean

Konigsberg, Laura
Head of School

Lemucchi, Justin
Middle School Humanities Teacher and Grade Level Dean (Grade 7)

Lesser, Joshua
Middle School Theater Specialist

Loera, Simon
Facilities Staff

Mahlanza, Mosa
Grade 2 Head Teacher

Malonzo, Rachele
Elementary Head Teacher - Grade 1

Marchbanks, Leila
Elementary Head Teacher - Grade 5

McArdle, Ashley
Elementary Head Teacher - Grade 4

Medellin, Monique
Primary Head Teacher

Mejia, Carolyn
Spanish Specialist (P-K), Auxiliary Teacher

Montesano, Paige
Middle School Teacher (Grade 8) and Humanities Department Chair

Parker, Nadine
Elementary Head Teacher - Grade 2

Philpott, Amy
Librarian and Research Specialist

Pritchet, Karen
Middle School Math Teacher and Mathematics Department Chair

Purtell, Kathleen

Reynolds, Maria
Primary Head Teacher

Reynolds, Travis
Educational Technology & Innovation Coordinator

Rios, Nancy
Auxiliary Program Teacher

Saelens, Shelby
Elementary Co-Teacher - Kindergarten

Segar, Will
Elementary Division Head

Shepardson, Sarah
Advancement Associate

Sibley, Katie
Student Learning Support Coordinator

Sloan, Rory
Art Specialist (Grades 4-5)

Smith, Tiniah
Administrative Assistant to Admission and Enrollment Management

Snyder, Jacob
Director of Athletics and Safety

Spies, Kameron
Director of Teaching and Learning

Tahmasebi, Nikoo
Elementary Co-Teacher and Science Specialist - Kindergarten

Tiefenthaler, Marina
Primary Teaching Assistant

Uehara, Hiro
Facilities Coordinator

Wagner, Jami
Elementary Head Teacher - Grade 5

Wan, John
Technology Specialist (K-5)/Middle School Multimedia

Webber, Mollie
Administrative Assistant to the Elementary School Division Head

Welsh, Jason
Physical Education Specialist

Wrather, Danielle
First Grade Head Teacher

Wydrinski, Jesse
Auxiliary Program Teacher

Yzaguirre, Julia
Chief Financial Officer

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