Summer Camp serves as both a bridge to and an extension of our signature Preschool, Elementary, and Middle School programs. Students continue to explore the key elements that define their social, physical, intellectual, ethical, and emotional growth while also enjoying the spectacular fun of summertime. Our safe and inclusive environment, along with fabulous facilities and expert faculty, provides the perfect place for campers to practice creativity, leadership, friendship, well-being, independence, and self-advocacy.

Galileo Camps are open to all K-10 students; you do not need to be enrolled in Turning Point School to attend. All other camps are available to new and incoming Preschool – Middle School students. If you are a current family and would like additional information, please contact Jacob Snyder.

What do executive chefs from Vespertine and Destroyer, SUR, Katsuya, Lodge Bread, Hayseed BBQ, Ford’s Filling Station, Guerilla Tacos, and Cabbage Patch have in common?

They have all worked hands-on with the summer campers at Turning Point School to create incredible, tasty, and healthy food.

Turning Point’s signature Dirt to Dish program introduces the basic principles of sustainable food by planting seeds, nurturing the growing seedlings, and harvesting ripe fruits and vegetables for healthy snacks. Campers get to explore, work, and dig in the school’s urban garden to harvest the day’s bounty and create healthy and tasty snacks for their fellow campers. We collaborate with local farmers and chefs who share their passion, expertise, and culinary creations with our campers.

At Turning Point Summer Camp, we’re teaching that dirt-to-dish means striving for a shorter distance between the farm and the home, and that if we eat seasonally, during natural harvest cycles, our food will be fresh, ripe, healthy, and delicious.

The school year has ended, but the fun has just begun! Kick off your summer with our special five-day Start-of-Summer Camp for Preschool – Grade 8 students, run entirely by our veteran summer camp team.

Preschool – Grade 8
June 8-12, 2020

Our youngest campers in Preschool – Grade 1 continue to explore their world in a nurturing, stimulating, and supportive setting. The carefree nature of the summer provides a wonderful backdrop for our full-time faculty to inspire happiness, confidence, and independence as these young children continue to grow and develop.

Campers entering Grades 2-5 explore their passions and curiosities in a number of different disciplines, with an emphasis on student choice. So, some might make robots and others may work in the garden, making and serving healthy snacks through our Dirt-to-Dish program.

Middle School campers are invited to participate in our CIT (Counselor in Training) Program. Here, they will continue to learn and grow as leaders by mentoring younger students and by taking the lead on projects and activities. Middle School students can also participate in Basketball Camp, and then serve as a CIT for the remainder of the day.

From birth to age 5, a child’s brain develops more than at any other time in life. Preschoolers’ brains definitely do not “hit pause” during the summer months! We offer summer-long opportunities for your preschooler to continue to explore his or her world in a nurturing and stimulating environment, under the guidance of full-time teachers who are experts in early childhood development.

Weekly Sessions from June 15 – July 24, 2020

Our veteran preschool students start the summer with our other K-8 students in Start-of-Summer Camp, and then enjoy six weeks of “Duck Camp,” where they engage in guided activities and free choice, develop important social skills, and enjoy lots of quality playtime. The last week of summer, our preschoolers join their K-8 friends for Back-to-School Camp – the official kick-off to the new school year!

Intro-DUCK-Tion Camp
June 17 – July 26

For preschoolers who will be starting in the Primary Division in the fall, our summer programs offer an excellent bridge to the regular school year. We create many opportunities to ensure our newest campers feel safe, supported, and appropriately challenged as they begin their school journey. And once they are ready, new campers move on to Duck Camp where they will make new friends and continue to feed their curious minds.

Galileo Camps serve students from Grades K-10, with six innovative week-long programs from which to choose – all hosted on the Turning Point campus.

June 15 – July 24, 2020

Galileo mixes the fun of traditional day camp with thoughtfully crafted, hands-on projects in fields from science and engineering to the visual and culinary arts. And, because Galileo Camps are open to students from the wider community, opportunities to explore new friendships, and practice confidence and guided risk-taking, are embedded into the experience. Galileo’s goal is to help campers see themselves as confident creators and innovators ready to express themselves fearlessly, turn their ideas into reality, and change the world.


3, 2, 1…. FUN! Our Back-to-School camp offers our incoming students in Preschool – Grade 8 a chance to celebrate summer, connect with new friends and old, and hit the ground running in the new school year.

Preschool – Grade 8
August 17-21, 2020

Preschool campers continue to grow and develop under the guidance of our full-time preschool faculty, while elementary and middle school campers have the opportunity to dive into activities they will pursue in the coming year, such as sports, arts, technology, building, and robotics. All campers enjoy healthy daily snacks, thanks to our signature Dirt to Dish program. Oh, and did someone say SUPER WATER SLIDE DAY?

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