At Turning Point School, we call our After School and Summer Programs the Out-of-School Experience. Our STEAM+ philosophy combines the STEAM and Movement Education models with play-based learning.

Our code word for developmentally appropriate play-based learning is “fun” and the evidence for the efficacy of play-based learning is conclusive.

Students who remain on campus after school can expect to be provided with a delicious and nutritious after-school snack, also known as FUEL (Food Upgrades Energy Levels). FUEL is included in the cost of after-school activities.

Morning Care and After Care help to fill the gaps between when a child can be dropped off and picked up, and when the school day begins and ends.

Morning Care

Turning Point is happy to provide supervised Morning Care, every school day, at no additional cost. Morning Care begins at 7:45 am and continues until the official start of the school day.

After Care

After Care is available for those students who need to stay on campus after dismissal before/after another activity or for any part of the afternoon . After Care includes closely supervised play, organized activities, nutritious snacks, and quiet places for homework to be completed. After Care is available for K-8 on a drop-in basis for $25 per day. It is included in the cost of tuition for Preschool and Pre-K students.

Foundations classes provide an introduction to a subject for students to explore while gaining new skills and ideas.

We offer a diverse selection of after-school Foundations classes encompassing subjects in the areas of STEM, Performance, Art, and Movement. Students can pursue new interests and passions through unique course offerings such as:

  • Puzzle Play + Creation
  • Drama + Imagination Play
  • Yoga + Movement

Foundations classes are for groups of six or more students offered for one hour per week (45 minutes for Early Childhood) in three different sessions each school year. The registration fee is $35 per class with the total amount of the session due at the time of enrollment.

Focus lessons allow students to study a subject in depth while acquiring a comprehensive experience with the subject area.

We offer a range of subjects as school Focus lessons, from immersion in languages such as Spanish, German, Italian, and Mandarin to music lessons in piano, voice, guitar, drums, and more. Students can choose to study subjects brand new to them or further develop their skills in an area they already know but want to further develop.

As an essential component of the Physical Education curriculum, beginning in Grade 5 students are encouraged to participate in Turning Point’s interscholastic, after-school Athletics program. The focus remains on long-term health for all students, so our emphasis is on participation. With a secondary emphasis on skills acquisition and healthy competition, students also learn the skills needed to participate on high school teams if they so choose. Turning Point’s no-cut policy allows students to try new sports; nearly 100% of students participate in at least one sport by the time they graduate in Grade 8. The cost of After School Athletics is included in tuition.

Grade 5 students participate in the Coastal Canyon League, a developmental league where students focus on healthy competition, skill acquisition, and teamwork, rather than the outcome of the games. In the CCL, there are no playoffs or win-loss records, and all students play equally, regardless of experience or skill level. Teams for Grade 5 include:

  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Cheer
  • Also, every Grade 5 student participates in an annual Track Meet

Students in grades 6–8 compete in the Pacific Basin League against other independent schools on the west side of Los Angeles. Talent and experience now play a role in determining playing time, as do a dedication to the team, sportsmanship, and commitment to academics. Student-athletes are encouraged to work together in a competitive environment, pushing themselves and teammates to do their best work in pursuit of common goals.

Each season ends with the PBL Playoffs, where students put into play elements of resilience, critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and collaboration as they compete for the championship. Athletics teams for Grades 6-8 include:

  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Cross Country
  • Track and Field
  • Swimming

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