Our Introduction Classes are designed to allow students to explore their interests through after-school classes. These classes give students exposure to new skills and ideas that they may decide to pursue in earnest down the road. Each Introduction class consists of eight lessons offered on a trimester basis.

We offer a diverse selection of after-school classes encompassing focus areas in Making, Movement, Performance, Study, and Technology. Students can practice skills in areas such as drama, arts, athletics, dance, music, and STEAM learning, or explore new interests and passions through unique course offerings in areas such as cooking, coding, design and construction, or magic.

From Ultimate Frisbee to Fencing, Glee Club to Improv, Gymnastics to Hip-Hop, String Ensemble to Rockstars, Robotics to Yoga, and much more, there is something to engage and inspire every type of curious mind.

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The Turning Point Music Conservatory offers beginner to advanced instruction on any instrument in the brass, woodwind, string, or percussion families to students in Grades K-8 (and their parents!). The Conservatory also offers piano lessons, voice lessons, and songwriting lessons.

Which Instrument Should I Choose?

While we are prepared to offer instruction on almost any instrument, we highly recommend that piano is the starter instrument for students in K-3. Piano sets the foundation for music theory and notation, and provides an immediate understanding of melody and harmony. Any instrument a child wants to learn as they get older will be supported by a piano foundation. For younger students, piano works to strengthen their developing fine-motor skills. Perhaps most importantly, students can leave their first lesson with a song ready to play. This immediate gratification can be important when it comes to inspiring young students to be motivated to continue instruction.

Why Music Lessons?

Research shows a real and significant benefit to students who practice an instrument regularly between the ages of 5-9. We know that children who practice an instrument at a young age do better academically than their fellow students. Not only are their artistic and musical skills above the norm, but also their language and mathematics skills are improved.

While this benefit is sometimes difficult to measure with each individual student, a study published in the Journal of Neuroscience proves that musical training has a significant effect on the development of the brain, showing stronger connections between motor regions. When comparing brain structure, young adults who practiced regularly in their younger years showed significantly enhanced white brain matter in the corpus callosum, a bundle of nerve fibers that connects the left and right motor regions of the brain. Talent and ability had no impact on the development of brain development, only that the students were engaged in practicing an instrument.

Instruments Available

Hand Drums
Drum Kit
Electric Bass
Electric Guitar
Acoustic Guitar
French Horn
Alto Sax
Tenor Sax

Did you know that learning multiple languages builds multi-tasking skills, improves memory, increases perception, and strengthens understanding of English (or a first language)?

The Turning Point Language Lab offers beginner to advanced instruction in world languages to students in Preschool through Grade 8.

Current languages include Mandarin, Japanese, French, Farsi, and Spanish. Classes can be in small groups or one-on-one. In Language Lab, the goal is to develop an understanding of a culture, and eventually master the language associated with that culture.

Did you know that martial arts training builds mental strength and focus, as well as teaching respect for self and others?

The Turning Point Dojo offers beginner to advanced instruction in martial arts, in small-group or one-on-one lessons. The goal is to strengthen the body and mind, and to achieve belt levels in a specific martial arts discipline until a black belt is achieved.

Did you know that playing tennis not only improves muscle tone, flexibility, and strength, it also lowers resting heart rate and blood pressure?

The Turning Point Tennis Club offers beginner to advanced instruction through individual or small-group lessons. Students meet with their instructor after school on the Turning Point campus, or at the Culver Courts at Syd Kronenthal Park.

As an essential component of the Physical Education curriculum, beginning in Grade 5 students are encouraged to participate in Turning Point’s interscholastic, after-school Athletics program. The focus remains on long-term health for all students, so our emphasis is on participation. With a secondary emphasis on skills acquisition and healthy competition, students also learn the skills needed to participate on high school teams if they so choose. Turning Point’s no-cut policy allows students to try new sports; nearly 100% of students participate in at least one sport by the time they graduate in Grade 8. The cost of After School Athletics is included in tuition.

Grade 5 students participate in the Coastal Canyon League, a developmental league where students focus on healthy competition, skill acquisition, and teamwork, rather than the outcome of the games. In the CCL, there are no playoffs or win-loss records, and all students play equally, regardless of experience or skill level. Teams for Grade 5 include:

  • Flag Football
  • Volleyball
  • Basketball
  • Also, every Grade 5 student participates in an annual Track Meet

Middle School students (Grades 6–8) compete in the Pacific Basin League against other independent schools on the west side of Los Angeles. Talent and experience now play a role in determining playing time, as do a commitment to the team, sportsmanship, and attention to academics. Student-athletes are encouraged to work together in a competitive environment, pushing themselves and teammates to do their best work in pursuit of common goals.

Each season ends with the PBL Playoffs, where students put into play elements of resilience, critical thinking, problem-solving, leadership, and collaboration as they compete for the championship. Athletics teams for Grades 6-8 include:

  • Flag Football
  • Soccer
  • Basketball
  • Volleyball
  • Baseball
  • Softball
  • Cross Country
  • Track and Field


Morning Care and After Care help to fill the gaps between when a child can be dropped off and picked up, and when the school day begins and ends.

Morning Care

Turning Point is happy to provide supervised Morning Care, every school day, at no additional cost. Morning Care begins at 7:45 am and continues until the official start of the school day for each Division, respectively.

After Care

After Care is available for those students who need to stay at school after dismissal but are not enrolled in a Mastery or Introductions class/lesson. After Care includes closely supervised play, organized activities, nutritious snacks, quiet places for homework to be completed, and pianos in multiple locations so parents who wish for their children to practice may schedule practice sessions. After Care is available for K-8 on a drop-in basis for $20 per day. It is included in the cost of tuition for Preschool and Pre-K students.

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