Turning Point students are mindful of their responsibility as citizens of a shared planet. They actively pursue the formation of meaningful ties with their local and international communities. Equally curious about finding common ground and seeking diverse perspectives, students take seriously their role as advocates for cross-culturalism, pluralism, and ethnic inclusiveness.

Responsible global citizens passionately explore world issues; they confidently communicate and respectfully engage in constructive problem solving and conflict resolution. Creative and critical thinkers, Turning Point global citizens are equipped with the tools and habits that will garner success in a diverse, interconnected, and ever-changing world.

In 2015, Turning Point was awarded International Certification through the Council of International Schools (CIS). To receive certification, Turning Point was required to demonstrate proficiency in four major areas: student growth and leadership commitment; whole school development; an emphasis on reflection followed by outcome-oriented action; and the translation of international education into authentic project-based learning across the community.

One of the benefits of a Preschool-8 model of education is that it provides built-in opportunities for students of varying ages to engage with each other in authentic, inspiring ways. Under the guidance of teachers, students in  Middle School work closely with their younger classmates in Preschool and Elementary, developing leadership skills and taking an active role in strengthening the community.

Mentors and mentees form close bonds while they engage in an integrated curriculum that includes academic problem-solving, with an emphasis on character development, fair play, ethical interactions, and positive leadership.

Student-led mentoring programs at Turning Point are mutually beneficial: They allow older students to become empathetic leaders in a unique setting, and allow our youngest students to gain confidence and learn from role models they are eager to emulate. As students progress through the grade levels, they naturally and eagerly transition from the mentee to mentor role—developing poise and self-confidence at a younger age than many of their peers at other schools. The bonds that are formed are strong and long-lasting, and the various mentoring programs become a highlight of the year for all involved.

Service Learning provides Turning Point School students with opportunities to take their educational practice beyond the classroom walls and consider how the knowledge they are acquiring might help support and sustain the wider community.

When students are provided with opportunities to build meaningful relationships with others in their community—at home, at school, locally, and globally—they connect more deeply with the learning process and begin to realize their ability to impact change. While working to build a stronger community and healthier environment, students make inspired leaps of understanding in developing a sense of responsibility extending beyond themselves.

Turning Point was honored as a Silver Level recipient of the California Green Ribbon Schools award through the California Department of Education. This award is inclusive of the school’s many community-service and service-learning initiatives, including those that reflect an ongoing commitment to programs that impact sustainability. In addition, it encompasses our commitment to environmental education, particularly in incorporating STEAM education, civic skills, and green career pathways.

The Turning Point Family Program provides a multi-age environment that encourages continuity and builds a sense of community among faculty, staff, and students.

“Families” at Turning Point are a long-held tradition; upon admission to Turning Point every student is assigned to one of 21 “Families” where they remain through graduation. Each family consists of approximately 16 students plus four “elders” (teachers and staff), spanning all grade levels. Every student and faculty/staff member of Turning Point participates in this program, from Preschool through Middle School, teachers, business office staff, leadership, facilities and tech teams, and everyone in between.

This multi-age environment builds a sense of community in many ways. Younger students develop bravery and adore the time they spend with older students, older students practice responsible modeling and mentoring, and all members of the Turning Point community are inspired to learn, share, and grow together. Meaningful bonds and trusting relationships are formed among children and adults who might not otherwise have occasion to interact during the regular course of the school day.

Every parent at Turning Point School is an important member of the Parent Association. There are no extra dues or requirements to join—just a desire to lend time and talents in a way that is most meaningful for each individual.

There are a number of committees that parents (and even grandparents!) can join, and countless ways our school and students benefit from each parent’s experience, interests, and abilities.

Plan teacher appreciation events and activities, come work in our school garden, serve as a classroom representative for our Annual Fund, help organize school-wide community service initiatives, coordinate our Party Book, or help plan and organize important annual school events such as Book Fair, Spring Gala or Hoop-A-Thon. There is something to fit everyone’s time, talents, and interests.

In addition, the PA hosts a monthly Parent Association Community Event (PACE) where parents can help teachers by preparing materials for classrooms and special events, while also hearing from our Head of School and other administrators about exciting upcoming school initiatives and opportunities.

If you are a current Turning Point parent, you can sign up to volunteer on a committee through your Parent Portal. If you have questions about our Parent Association, or are a grandparent who is interested in volunteering, please send us a note.

Sheri Glucoft-wong: parenting during the pandemic

WEDNESDAY, SEPTEMBER 30 | 6:30 – 7:30 PM

Sheri Glucoft Wong, LCSW, returns to Turning Point to talk with us about how parents can support children’s academic, social, physical, ethical, and emotional development during the pandemic. She will offer strategies for how parents can help their child navigate new experiences while also establishing footholds of familiarity and routine along the way. Topics inclide:

  • How to communicate in ways that promote resilience in your child
  • How to set effective limits with your child without being punitive
  • How to encourage cooperation and collaboration and to foster kindness, compassion, and empathy
  • How to help your child navigate his/her own challenges and to communicate in a positive way with others
  • How to partner with other parents and the school to sustain community-building and a positive school climate

Sheri Glucoft Wong, LCSW, is a renowned family therapist, parent educator, consultant, and recognized speaker who consults with parents and educators to help them better understand the social and emotional lives of children. She is known for providing practical tips to help parents joyfully cultivate the healthy growth and development of their children.

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