The Shared Journey

Community and communication share the same root: common. At Turning Point School, we have in common the desire to serve each student and to honor the common good. There is a public spirit and sharing at the heart of community, and I feel lucky to be among a group of generous families and educators.

Both on campus and off, we have prepared and planned the year’s opening with community at the center, setting the tone for a collaborative school year ahead. Reuniting with returning families and meeting new families has been a keen source of pleasure for me, as creating these relationships fosters a safe and inclusive environment where all children flourish.

Turning Point employs various methods to promote and cultivate connections between home and school. We have introduced our new Family Ambassador Network (FAN) to offer accessible and exciting opportunities for you to share your Turning Point experience with prospective families. Additionally, thanks to the dedication of Parent Association President Laura Cohen and her team, the Parent Association has made it more accessible for new families to participate in volunteer opportunities that benefit the school and enhance the connections that make community engagement meaningful. Our new parents and students have brought new energy and vibrancy to our community, and we are eager to incorporate their ideas, energy, and talents.

One valuable connection I share with many of you is that I am also navigating my role as a parent. I appreciate the ongoing thoughtful discussions that the school has with families regarding best practices raising confident, capable young adults. These powerful interactions lead to more knowledge and direction at home and at school.

It has been a pleasure to see many of you on the first day of school, at the Parent Association meeting, at the New Family Welcome, and at the annual Back-to-School Picnic. Greeting and chatting with you and your families in many different contexts helps us to know you better and, thus, to build stronger partnerships.

Back to School Picnic collage

You have spent so much time with Turning Point that we want to show our appreciation by encouraging Family Night this evening. Turning Point has enjoyed a long tradition of Family Nights: monthly “no homework” Mondays. We have designed these homework breaks to encourage family time. These evenings allow you to spend time together as a family doing a fun, non-electronic activity, such as:

  • Cook and eat a family meal together
  • Look at photo albums together
  • Play board games
  • Shoot hoops at a local park
  • Walk on the beach
  • Go out for ice cream

Please send a photo of your family time to by noon tomorrow, Tuesday, September 12. We will publish these on our Facebook page and feature a few in next week’s Wednesday Weekly.

As always I am reminded of how lucky we are to be part of an extraordinary  group of teachers, parents, administrators, and students who look out for each other, work together, and are always willing to lend a helping hand. The recent tragic natural disasters in Houston, India, Mexico, and Florida, and the anniversary of September 11 today, remind us that when we get to the essence of what matters, it is people—their stories, their spirit, the commonalities that bind us together. I am blessed to be bound to all of you in this shared journey.


Dr. Laura Konigsberg
Head of School

Please visit our Facebook page to see more photos from the Back-to-School Picnic!

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