High School Placements


After months, years, and sometimes even a decade or more of watching our Level 8 students arrive on campus each day, it is hard to believe that their time left with us here at Turning Point can measured in mere days. At the same time, we feel a deep satisfaction and sense of accomplishment in knowing that they are fully ready to infuse other school communities with their unique personalities and contributions.

Members of the Turning Point School class of 2017 were accepted at many highly-regarded high schools in Los Angeles and beyond. The quality and distinctiveness of these schools reflect the varied talents and interests of our students, and each will provide a different pathway to success as our graduates continue their journey to adulthood.

Top schools embrace our students because we foster strong critical thinkers and writers who are challenged to construct their own understandings of the world around them. They are flexible in thought and opinion—able to reframe and redefine their views to develop deep understanding of themselves, their community, and their world. They know how they learn best, and can advocate for themselves with confidence. Our students have learned how to fail and try again with resolution and optimism, and will enter high school with a track record of overcoming challenges and developing resilience.

Turning Point graduates are able to make their thinking visible by explaining ideas to one another, debating compassionately, offering creative solutions and alternative interpretations. These effective thinking routines evolve from a mindset that students develop here: open-mindedness, curiosity, the propensity to challenge assumptions, and creativity.

Our service learning program has provided them opportunities to develop awareness and empathy for those whose backgrounds and life experiences differ from theirs. As global thinkers, Turning Point graduates also understand the interconnectedness of the world and have begun to connect ideas in order to determine creative solutions. They know the value of learning from a wide range of sources and perspectives, and want to act in the world for the greater good.

As demonstrated by the list above, high schools see the strengths, skills, and dispositions our students will offer their new communities—qualities, by the way, which cannot be measured in test scores. I could not be prouder of the Turning Point School class of 2017, and I cannot wait to watch as they continue to serve as stewards and influencers of an ever-changing world.

Dr. Laura Konigsberg
Head of School


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