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sepia photo of man with studentsThis week’s Head’s Corner blog is written by Will Segar, Elementary Division Head.

My grandfather, who became a school head in the early sixties, inspired many of the next two generations of my family members to become educators. Joseph C. Segar spent a good portion of his professional life working to imbed diversity as a criterion of excellence in private schools; he rallied his community in Cambridge, Massachusetts around the idea that a school cannot be great and be all white. Despite many challenges, he stood firm and was able to influence others to share his conviction

My family is not unique in drawing off grandparents’ actions as a way to inspire direction. So many of the elders in our collective lives are innovators and change-makers. Their experiences and values transcend our passing interests, and influence how we manage the dynamics of making positive contributions to the world.

As November arrives, many Turning Point families will be making plans to spend time with extended family. Much of grandparents’ attention will rightly be showered on adoring children—the focus centered on the interests and enthusiasm of our youngest family members. We encourage families to also find opportunities to engage grandparents in discussion about the triumphs and obstacles in their lives. As children age, ways to revisit conversations with an increasingly complex lens emerge, and connections are made about how family identity and history help shape moral integrity.

Turning Point’s Grandfriends’ Day serves as one such meaningful opportunity to connect. During the morning’s activities, students will draw from their own experiences with process-based learning to lead Grandfriend visitors through a hands-on exploration.

We hope grandparents and other special friends will join us on Tuesday, November 21 as we construct meaning with our words, hands, and hearts.


Will Segar
Elementary Division Head
Turning Point School


Enjoy a sneak peek of the type of activity many of our students and Grandfriends will engage in together:

The video above demonstrates how Turning Point School uses process-based learning to inspire students (and teachers!) to explore and expand their aptitude for design and discovery. Utilizing the method of “Learn, Practice, Share, and Revise,” we create experiences that encourage collaboration, develop resiliency, and inspire joyful learning. Learn more in our Glass Classrooms.

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