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Turning Point School - Posted Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014 

Following a week-long food drive, Turning Point students dropped off a total of 2,765 non-perishable items to Saint Augustine Volunteer Emergency Services. The items donated by our families and Staff will help feed hungry families in the Culver City area this holiday season.

Service learning is part of our curriculum. The work we do providing service to our community is designed to deepen connections for our students with the curriculum we teach and our core values.

Turning Point School - Posted Tuesday, Nov 25, 2014 

Last week's Faculty Meeting provided internal Professional Development in relation to Turning Point’s certification process for the Council of International Schools. Activities surrounded pedagogy and teaching practices as they relate to developing intercultural competence in our classrooms. Teachers used Visible Thinking Protocols to analyze our globally focused lessons from the following three dimensions:

• Head - What do we want students to understand?
• Hand - What skills do we want students to develop? What can our students DO?
• Heart - What values can students connect to their heart?

Teachers engaged in passionate small group conversations and brainstorming activities about culture and the essential questions that are mindful of the diverse experiences of all students in our classrooms.


Turning Point School - Posted Monday, Nov 24, 2014 

Last Friday, students and coaches in Sports Nuts enjoyed their last gathering of the fall trimester of After School Classes. They ended like they began; with an exciting game of football. It came down to the final play and Coach Snyder’s squad came up just short. However, spirits were high and David D. was the recipient of the final “Battle Belt” of the session.

We still have some available spots left for our second session of Sports Nuts. So if you have not done so already, please make sure to sign up your nut. The second session includes an annual Super Bowl party (with Buffalo Wings, veggie sticks, and dipping sauces galore). 

For their final post-game photo, the nuts decided to go with the “tough as nails” face, a yearbook standard among our Middle School teams. Thanks for all your support and Go Tornadoes!

Turning Point School - Posted Monday, Nov 24, 2014 

Ms. Cockerham's Level 2 class and Ms. Hennington's Level 3 class are joining forces to create a new cereal! This Project Based Learning activity teaches the students how to use their math skills to do market research about favorite cereals. They tally and graph their data and, after analyzing, figure out a new cereal to sell. They then figure out how to market the new cereal so that children will want to eat it and parents will want to buy it! This real world scenario teaches students the importance of the math they are learning, and gives them a chance to take on new roles among the different grade levels.


Turning Point School - Posted Friday, Nov 21, 2014 

To culminate Level 7's Geometry Unit, Ms. Pritchet's Pre-Algebra students are working on two types of projects. Some students will be working on a Floor Plan Project to create their ideal classroom. They will create a 2-D blueprint of their design on poster board. Other students will be working on an Area/Volume House-Flip Project where they will be remodeling a house in order to flip it and sell it for profit. Both projects will integrate Pre-Algebra and Environmental Studies. Students will apply the mathematical skill of finding the area of geometrical shapes and implement sustainable elements into their designs.

Finally, for both projects, the students will use the SmartLab to create a 3-D Google SketchUp of their project that includes all specifications used to make their ideal classroom or remodel their house. 21st Century Learning meets STEAM skills (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, and Mathematics) for a fantastic Level 7 learning opportunity.


Turning Point School - Posted Wednesday, Nov 19, 2014 

Last week, Level 4 students went on a Study Tour to the California Science Center to experience the lab, Boats and Balances. By building their own model sailboats, students investigated design and energy needed to move across the 40' x 20' Water Works pool.

After becoming familiar with the boat names, students were given a variety of sizes for each part of the boats. They were encouraged to experiment with changing parts to see how they affect the performance of their boat. By keeping data in a class chart, students discovered the importance of balance in sailing.

Turning Point School - Posted Tuesday, Nov 18, 2014 
This trimester of Chess has been so much fun! All of our budding game-players have learned a great deal about chess and strategy over the past few months. They had the opportunity to use an over-sized chess board and pieces for team matches, as well as play one-on-one and with partners. It has been wonderful to see how much each child has progressed!

Turning Point School - Posted Tuesday, Nov 18, 2014 

Turning Point School is honored to be displaying an art exhibit by well-regarded artist and Level 5-8 Spanish Specialist Substitute, Rodofo Buonocore. The exhibit has been installed in our Artist Gallery in Building 2.

Mr. Buonocore studied painting and drawing in Buenos Aires as an apprentice to the Argentine artist, director, and writer Jorge Acha (1946-1996). He had several well-received exhibitions in Buenos Aires before immigrating to Los Angeles in 1990.

Throughout his early career, Buonocore's focus was on mastering the art of drawing and integrating the play of light and shadow into his work. In his atmospheric, evocative paintings, Buonocore plumbs the inner feelings of the characters who people his urban landscapes, his point of view serving to magnify and expose the complexity of human thought and emotion. His work has been described as "realistic portrayals of deep psychological exploration, visible yet subtle proof that the very depths of the soul are made accessible through the artist's detailed observation of minimal poses and gestures." John Walsh, Director Emeritus of the Getty Museum in Los Angeles, calls Rodolfo Buonocore "a confident painter who tackles challenging material with impressive assurance and gets beautiful results."

We encourage you to stop by our Artist Gallery to view his breathtaking work. The Gallery is located on the second floor of Building 2, next to the Board Room and Mrs. Akana's office.

You may also learn more about Mr. Buonocore and view his work at www.rodolfobuonocore.com.

Turning Point School - Posted Monday, Nov 17, 2014 

Students participating in the After-School Class, Hands in the Dirt began this session by planting dill, rainbow carrots, lettuce, and baby beets. The students were very eager to see which plant would sprout first. Our gardeners were very happy to see the plant change from a tiny little seed to beautiful (and soon to be delicious) vegetable plants.

The class has also been able to experience the joys of the harvest, and one of their favorite activities was making pesto sauce from the fresh basil they harvested from the garden They also conducted a tasting experiment where they used freshly-picked mint in different ways. While this semester's Hands in the Dirt class is coming to a close, our young gardeners have developed a passion for gardening and harvesting that will continue to flourish!

Turning Point School - Posted Friday, Nov 14, 2014 
Students in Level K celebrated the 50th day of school today! They acknowledged this milestone day by engaging in some "nifty fifty" activities, including counting out 50 pieces of breakfast cereal, building with 50 LEGOs, making "50th day of school" hats and bracelets, and drawing pictures of what they might look like in 50 years. A wonderful time was had by all!
Turning Point School - Posted Friday, Nov 14, 2014 
Primary students had a wonderful time putting together "big puzzles" with their Big Buddies last week! The Buddies Program is a long-standing tradition at Turning Point, assigning Level 8 students to a Primary classroom to form strong and long-lasting bonds with younger students throughout the school year. Every week, "Big Buddies" work with their "Little Buddies" on a variety of activities that include reading, puzzles, and games. While providing Level 8 students with a chance to shine as leaders in a unique setting, the Buddies program presents Primary students with a role model from within the community.

Turning Point School - Posted Thursday, Nov 13, 2014 

After a comprehensive application process, Ms. Paige Montesano is now an official TED-Ed Club facilitator, and Turning Point is now part of a group of more than 100 schools in 27 countries with whom our students will collaborate to research, discuss, and share new information.

Through video technology, students in the Middle School Global Awareness elective will team up with students worldwide to develop public speaking skills and highlight personally significant local and global issues. The program also gives students access to incredible virtual guest speakers. For example, in a recent live video event, the editor of The New Yorker spoke to students around the world about creative writing. Turning Point is very excited about the opportunity for students to collaborate internationally!

Turning Point School - Posted Thursday, Nov 13, 2014 

In Book and Cooks, students rolled up their sleeves and had a special celebration for the last day of After School Classes. Our friends had a wonderful time exploring seasonal foods, well balanced snacks, safe cooking practices, and even some sprinkles of Spanish along the way!

Some of their favorite pairings included Dragons Love Tacos and a turkey taco bar complete with all the fresh fixings, Camp Rex with trail mix and s'mores, The Enormous Potato with sweet potato fries, and Betty Bunny loves chocolate cake with chocolate cake and rainbow sprinkles.

Turning Point School - Posted Wednesday, Nov 12, 2014 
Middle School students are in the finishing stages of a project based on artist Piet Mondrian's Cubist-inspired translation of New York, such as his famously unfinished "Victory Boogie Woogie."

After reading Mister Orange by Dutch author Truus Matti, students applied techniques for painting lines on a map of a Los Angeles area that has personal significance. They also created three essential symbolic colors to bring into their renderings. Stay tuned for news of when these will be displayed as a mural in Building 2!

Turning Point School - Posted Monday, Nov 10, 2014 

Turning Point's Girls' Swim Team (pictured below with Coach Snyder and Coach Colley) had an impressive showing at the Pacific Basic League Championship held Saturday morning at Brentwood High School. Despite facing much larger teams of 20+ students from competitors such as Crossroads and St. Matthews, our mighty team of four earned 6th place overall out of nine teams.

Individually, each swimmer saw at least one best time, with Emma S. taking 3rd in the 100 Individual Medley and Isabelle S. taking a very close 4th place finish. Gemma F. took 5th in the 25 Breaststroke (out of 30 total swimmers for that event) and Liora S. took 6th in the 25 Freestyle (out of 48 total swimmers for that event). Relay finishes were tightly contested with Turning Point taking 2nd in the 100 Medley Relay (with a team best time of 1:11, nearly a 3 second improvement). Last but not least, the girls finished the morning with a 4th place finish in the 200 Relay.

Great job to all four swimmers, and thank you for a great season of swimming! 

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