Join Us in Committing to Equity

At Turning Point, we live by our mission: We open our doors every day to create a dynamic learning community in which each child grows into their best self.

Our commitment to fostering the development of each child, every day to thrive in a complex and interconnected world guides our actions. We cultivate our inclusive, dynamic learning community with belonging as a prerequisite for thriving.

True BelongingBelonging is more than participating; it is constructing a place where everyone is deeply accepted for who they are. Brené Brown points out that “true belonging doesn’t require you to change who you are; it requires you to be who you are.” It means everyone sees themselves reflected in mirrors and learns about others through windows. No one must downplay or renounce parts of themselves to feel accepted or to gain access to the full benefits of the community.

equityOver the past five years, Turning Point has applied the lenses of equity, inclusion, and antiracism to approach teaching and learning, to guide our relationships with each other and our students, and to ensure that our school policies address systems that underlie inequities. I am thrilled to announce that we have synthesized and codified all this important work into a new webpage and accompanying PDF, Our Commitment to Equity, which I invite you to explore.

As you explore this material, I invite you to consider additional ways you can support the school’s work in embracing equity and challenging stereotypes. When we commit to equity, we create a space where children can learn to become the types of leaders we need—those who hold respect, justice, and love at the center of their orientation.

standing upIf you scroll to the end of the section, you will find an invitation to join us in your own journey towards creating and sustaining a more equitable, inclusive, and inquisitive world by taking one or more of three actions:

  • Take a deeper dive into this work by downloading our full Commitment to Equity PDF
  • Share on social media: We have created a series of essential questions that you can download and share on your social channels; tag us in your post and we’ll add to the conversation
  • Subscribe to this Head’s Corner Blog so you don’t miss an entry

Connection and collaboration are critical when it comes to co-creating and shaping a culture of belonging. Please share this work with your extended circles as you wish; our hope is that by sharing this work broadly and transparently, we will “call in” more individuals and communities to connect with us in authentic, genuine ways.

Understanding our own motivations and cultivating self-knowledge, introspection, and accountability are key. This work invariably brings up feelings that are important to be aware of and to use effectively. We may experience:

  • overwhelm or anxiety when it feels like too much
  • discouragement or frustration when things don’t go as we hoped
  • nostalgia or cognitive dissonance upon learning things are not what they seem
  • anguish or grief when we’re hurting
  • or shame and guilt when we feel we have fallen short

And we can also feel (sometimes simultaneously with one of the above):

  • joy from a deep sense of connection and appreciation
  • gratitude for clarifying what we value and what is purposeful in our lives
  • humility when we are open to learning and clear-eyed about our strengths and opportunities for growth

Thank you for bravely immersing yourself in this important work. There are myriad entry points, and everyone is welcome in this collective, continuing journey that will make a difference in the lives of our children—and in the world.


Laura Konigsberg
Head of School

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