Nurturing an “Illuminator” Mindset

When our students graduate and matriculate into ninth grade, we hear regularly that they are valued citizens in their new schools, they advocate for themselves and others, they know themselves and confidently share their opinions, they actively participate in class discussions, and they spearhead new clubs and initiatives. In other words, they carry with them an "illuminator mindset."

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Holocaust Remembrance

I can think of no more fitting way to honor Holocaust Remembrance Day than to be immersed in this intergenerational project, to hear about one family’s experience and the determination it has inspired for the next generation to make a difference in people’s lives. I’m humbled by the power one family, even one person, can have to create a beacon of light that attracts others to actively resist what Elie Wiesel calls the “glorification of base, ugly, dark violence.”

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The Purpose of Education: A Laboratory of Care and Wonder

I continue to be guided by the central question: How do we continue to build a learning environment where children can thrive? Every answer highlights the giving of care, which makes sense because we are wired for care. As we know and recently have seen first-hand, none of us would exist without our fellow humans' basic ability to care for one another and help each other survive. A grand web of interconnectedness exists; being connected to one another means each of us has an indelible impact. Paradox is present: we are both only one of innumerable people, and everything we do matters. I had Turning Point’s mission statement firmly in mind this morning when welcoming our students back to school, with music and a rainbow arch in our school colors, and with a very special performance from our newly-formed Cheer Squad!

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Welcome to a New School Year

Our Mission: We open our doors every day to create a dynamic learning community in which each child grows into their best self. I had Turning Point’s mission statement firmly in mind this morning when welcoming our students back to school, with music and a rainbow arch in our school colors, and with a very special performance from our newly-formed Cheer Squad!

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Back to School | 2022-23

Welcome to our 2022-2023 school year and all the wonderful possibilities ahead! As a school leader, I believe growth and learning flourish when we put love, belonging, and wholeness at the center. With these compass points firmly in place, we are more prepared to help our children navigate the inevitable ups and downs that accompany their intellectual, social, physical, ethical, and emotional development.

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When Will Enough be Enough | Responding to Uvalde Tragedy

As a country, we pay lip service to caring about children and families. The lack of willingness to regulate guns as our children die in mass shootings should force us to ask whether we, as a nation, truly love children. I am thinking of the children of Uvalde and Parkland and Sandy Hook, their parents, the community, and all communities impacted by gun violence. They will never be the same. They will never truly recover, even as they come out the other side into an irrevocably changed world.

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“Normalizing Urgency” – Responding to Racial Violence

On Saturday and Sunday, we learned of two separate crimes on separate coasts linked by hate, violence, and racism. I have been feeling compelled to write to you about these events and the impact they have on our families and, ultimately, on our children. I want to be clear that these visible, extremist acts of terror signal the serious work we still need to do as a nation to create an equitable society where everyone belongs.

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Turning Point School Names Inaugural Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion

Turning Point School is pleased to announce its inaugural Director of Diversity, Equity, and Inclusion (DEI), Raúl González. Mr. González will join Turning Point in July 2022 as part of the senior leadership team reporting to Dr. Laura Konigsberg. He will work collaboratively with all departments and constituents to advance DEI initiatives and ensure the school furthers its strategic goal to drive a culture of inclusion and belonging.

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Students Deserve Uncensored History, Not Book Banning

Pretending the Holocaust and other horrific accounts in history can be taught in a palatable way is disrespectful and dangerous, especially in our polarized world. As educators, we have a responsibility to find age-appropriate ways to teach students real truths about the Holocaust and other atrocious historical events. Students need to understand the past—with all its disturbing and uncomfortable truths—to think critically and to examine their place in society and responsibility in creating a more just and equitable world.

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